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Excellent meals are the key ingredient to enable our great frontline
services to do even more exceptional work in the community.
Hospitality is more than just good food. It’s a shared experience– the joy of giving or receiving.

Hope Hospitality Foundation relies on our amazing partners to provide high-quality, nourishing meals with a side of dignity and hope, to vulnerable Australians.

With the capacity to prepare 5,000 meals per week, we create direct impact, providing free meals for food insecure Australians through partnerships with frontline organisations, enabling them to do even more exceptional work in the community. Hope meals directly support frontline services including family, Indigenous and homeless services, women’s, men’s and vulnerable youth support services along with asylum, aged care and disability support services.

Become part of our network of like-minded partners who work closely with us to help achieve shared impact in the belief that quality food can do so much more than satisfy a hunger.

Partner with Hope
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Our impact is already being felt and received, but there’s so much more we can achieve. Your support matched with our capability and network can turn our 10,000+ meal-per-week vision into reality.
Help us reach our ambitious goal of raising $1 million to establish a custom production facility where Hope can produce even more nutritious, free meals alongside hospitality education, training, and social enterprise, creating an even greater impact in the lives of vulnerable Australians.

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Pallas Group is a partner of Hope Hospitality Foundation
Stockland is a partner of Hope Hospitality Foundation
Houston is a partner of Hope Hospitality Foundation


NSW Government
Mandalay Foundation
Grosset Gaia Foundation
Darrell Lea
American Express
Turnbull Foundation
Macquarie Bank
Uber Eats
Simon George & Sons